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                          visual artist

Photo Gallery

Gemfields C.Q. Gemfields C.Q. Garry with Mural at Miners Common Museum.Rubyvale C.Q Artist with work in progress at the Miners Common Museum, Arts & Cultural Centre. Garry volunteered at the museum during 2015,2016. 203700588 Postcard from Sapphire Gemfields Miners Common Museum at Rubyvale hosts their annual Folk Festival....more info go to : Sapphires Shine for Queensland Week (On Facebook- Don't forget to Like Us!) 203725647 No Tree No Me! A different kind of "Street Art". It's not always about the SIZE! this small painting was produced after I had to remove a dead echidna from the road into the Gemfields.The larger "sister" panel is located elsewhere on the Sapphire Gemfields. Challenge: Anybody who can find (the latter), and post a photograph of it on my facebook page, will receive a free gift.Challenge closes 30.06. 2017 203700589