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                          visual artist

Photo Gallery

Paintings Paintings Heat wave Painting relating to experience of the environment and weather patterns in central Queensland. Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas.2016 203675145 Landforms at Laura Oil on canvas.2012 169938772 "Self Portrait"-Detail, 2000 Acrylic on canvas. 203725654 Sea Changes with Fish Pieces. Oil on canvas.2012 169938773 Warming up. (detail) Oil on canvas. 2012 169938771 Marine Theme Oil on canvas. 2004.Finalist Churchie Emerging Art Prize 2004. 169938776 Memory of the elephant. Oil on canvas.2004. Griffith university collection. 169938774 The Blue Boat and the Moon. Oil on canvas. 2009 169938775 Vision of a mine: Gecko Gully. Acrylic on canvas 2016 Imagining the future: we draw upon our past. 203675144